Juan Mouras


“My guitar resonates, inspired by the heart of Latin America”.


Chilean guitarist and composer, a graduate of the Universidad de Chile (University of Chile) Faculty of Arts, where he studied under the teacher Jorge Rojas Zegers between 1980 and 1989.His first classical guitar teacher was Iván Barrientos Garrido in the city of Coyhaique, Chilean Patagonia in 1977.

He has perfected his guitar playing with Narciso Yepes, Alirio Díaz and Fernando González.

In 1994 he won a scholarship to study with George Crumb and Juan Orrego Salas at Indiana University (USA) through an international composition competition.

He has undertaken interpretation studies of J.S. Bach with Rosalyn Tureck and chamber music with Tapia Caballero.


His professional career began early in 1985 when he won the first place in the Liliana Pérez Corey National Guitar Competition. He was later invited to perform his work Trío con Percusión (Trio with Percussion) at the Frutillar Musical Weeks. He was invited to perform Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez  in the Usach Orchestra Season, Santiago and in the Rocas Musical Meetings in Santo Domingo. He also performed in the Chilean Symphony Orchestra´s Chamber Season with the work “Amor” (Love) by Miguel Letelier; with the Bartok Ensemble in compositions by Pedro Núñez Navarrete, and in the Universidad de Chile Radio programmes “La Guitarra Clásica” (“The Classical Guitar”) produced by Jorge Rojas Zegers.


He has performed in the USA at Indiana University, Bloomingdale, where he premiered his work “Cuatro Cantos sobre Alturas de Machu Picchu” (Pablo Neruda poem) (“Four Songs about The Heights of Machu Picchu”) 1994.

In Sweden he has performed in the XV “International Guitar Festival, Stockholm – Museum of Music”; The ‘Old’ Royal Opera House, The Theatre of Mirrors and a concert on the Stockholm  Latin TV channel .


In Denmark he has performed in the cities of Copenhagen, Kulturhus Arhus, Municipality of Ry.


In Venezuela he has performed in the 2000, 2001 and 2002 Alirio Díaz International Guitar Festival, where he performed the “Concerto in A Major” by Giuliani and he premiered his su  “Concierto Chileno para Guitarra y Orquesta” (“Chilean Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra”) together with the symphony orchestras of Yaracuy, Valencia and Por la Mar, Margarita Island.

He also performed concerts which included his arrangements of Latin American music “El Diablo Suelto”, “Gracias a la Vida” and “Amarraditos” in the afore mentioned theatres and in Barquisimeto, where he took part in a televised concert on a local TV channel.  In those festivals he has shared the stage with the maestros Alirio Díaz, Carlos Bonell, Carlos Barbosa Lima, Fernando González, Margarita Escarpa and the Venezuelans  Rubén Riera and Luis Zea.


In Argentina he has performed in the historic inauguration of the End of the World’s First Art Gallery in Ushuaia; also in the Cuyo-Mendoza University and Comodoro Rivadavia in Argentinian Patagonia.


In Bolivia he has performed in the Goeth Institution, Santa Cruz de la Sierra.


In Peru he has been on tour with the Serenata Ensemble. He has  performed in presentations in the National Theatre, on the National Television of Peru (“Mediodía criollo” programme), Ripley in Lima and a concert in the Trujillo Municipal Theatre.


He has performed all over Chile, in various kinds of performances which range from educational concerts to concerts in the Municipal Theatre, Santiago.


He has also performed in radio and television programmes, those which stand out are the Gala Lírica 2003 on Camara de Diputados TV (Lyrical Gala, Parliament Chambers TV) and “Concierto Dúo de Guitarras Juan Mouras-Guillermo Ibarra” (Double Guitar Concerto Juan Mouras-Guillermo Ibarra). “Música Seria” (Serious Music)programme (Channel 11, 1986), “Vibraciones con Yolanda Montecinos” (Vibrations with Yolanda Montecinos) (1986), “Creaciones” (Creations) (1992), “Tierra Adentro” (Inside Earth)(1997-1998).


He has recorded the CDs “De España y América”, (From Spain and America) “Raíces Latinoamericanas-Composiciones propias” (Latin American Roots – own compositions (Fondart Nacional), “Puertas –Ensamble Serenata” (Doors – Serenata Ensemble) (Fondart Nacional), “Concierto para Niños” (Concert for Children)(Aysen Regional Government Culture Fund) ,“Guitarra Clásica Chilena del S. XIX” (Chilean Classical Guitar of the 19th century) (Fondart); “Romanzas para Guitarra” (Romances for Guitar) Iván Barrientos-Sony-Columbia, amongs others.

His “Sonata para Oboe” (Sonata for Oboe”) was premiered in the Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires, by Jorge Postel, in the International Double Reed Meeting 2001, from which he recorded a CD.

The piece “Constelaciones Andinas” (“Andean Constellations”) was composed by Juan Mouras on the request of Hernán Jara  (flute) in order to include it in the CD “Hernán Jara-Música Latinoamericana para Flauta y Cuerdas” (“Hernán Jara – LatinAmerican Music for Flute and Strings”)

He has premiered works by the contemporary Chilean composers Rodrigo Díaz Pastén, Jorge Rojas Zegers, Pedro Núñez Navarrete, Miguel Letelier, Santiago Vera, Roberto Escobar, Darwin Vargas, Sergio Medina,  Ariel Vicuña, Fernando García, Iván Barrientos, Pablo Délano, and more than 100 works by Chilean composers from the nineteenth century.


As a composer he possesses works for the guitar, chamber and symphony orchestras, amongst others “Milonga perpetua”, “Poemas de la Trapananda” (“Poems from Trapanada “Sonatina concertante para oboe y guitarra” ,(”Sonatina Concertante for Oboe and Guitar”), “Tonada chilena” (”Chilean Ballad”), “Concierto Chileno para guitarra y orquesta”, (Chilean Concerto for guitar and orchestra”) “Pax” para oboe y cuerdas(“Pax” for Oboe and strings”), “Constelaciones Andinas” para flauta y cuerdas”, (“Andean Constellations for flute and strings“Patagonia” para coro y orquesta”,(“Patagonia for choir and orchestra”), “Geografía musical chilena” para orquesta,(“Chilean Musical Geography for orchestra”)


He currently resides in Coyhaique, Chilean Patagonia, from where he carries out his artistic career and where he has contributed to the cultural-artistic development of the area through concerts, the formation of a children’s symphony orchestra in the Rivera Sur School of Puerto Aysen, and the performance of radio and television programmes (Channel 4 of Coyhaique), amongst other activities.

His name appears in "Diccionario Enciclopédico Iberoamericano y Español de la Música."